Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bernardo Bertolucci

At the weekend I went to see Bernardo Bertolucci in conversation at the BFI. I was so lucky to get tickets from a friend who works there. I have always been a fan of Bertolucci’s films, ever since I saw Novecento. It was surreal seeing and hearing him talk about his life with film. He talked about his journeys and life experiences which were funny and wise.

 It was great hearing that he would be directing a new film from September; and surprising hearing that it would be in 3D. His reason for making it in 3D was interesting. He wants to liberate films not centred on action, horror or animation in the new form. I look forward to seeing how it is done, as I can’t picture a film such as Stealing Beauty in 3D. I love how he pushes conventions.
“Cinema has no other nourishment than reality” Bernardo Bertolucci
“If you don’t dream…you become mad” Bernardo Bertolucci

I then watched his second film afterwards, Before the Revolution (1964). I enjoyed the use of sound in the film and the different opinions of the characters in regards to the proletariat and the bourgeois before the revolution. I hope he returns for another Q&A session in the future.

Saturday, 9 April 2011