Monday, 8 November 2010

Nouvelle Vague

Crowd-surfing the crowd

Last week I went to see nouvelle vague. The band is absolutely amazing live. I've always loved the variety of different singers in the band. I thought the gig would be quite tame considering it was at Royal Albert Hall, but to the contrary the band interacted great with the audience. The main girl in the band was an incredible dancer; her dancing reminded me of Brigitte Bardot in the film 'God created women'. She also crowd surfed, ran through the hall and up to the balcony seats many times. It was nuts considering how hard it is to do in the Royal Albert Hall. I would definitely see them again.


  1. I was about to write abt them as well.
    hehehehe They were so great. and Thanks for the ticket again xo

  2. I loved it! Do a post too..your pictures were much better! xo

  3. I haven't seen them live yet but I love their songs, all the covers they've made are really beautiful and the female lead singer has such a sweet voice ;)