Saturday, 15 October 2011

Midnight in Paris

The recently released Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris was intriguing to watch. The opening scenes of cinematography of Paris were beautiful of course. I particularly liked the continuous run of the scenes of Paris in the rain, which reminded of the last time I went to Paris for the weekend and it rained constantly for 3 days straight. I found myself agreeing with the protagonist, on Paris looking more beautiful when it is raining.
I liked the unexpected cast, the constant cultural discussions and the references to influential creative’s of the past. I particularly enjoyed the discussion about past nostalgia of chasing a golden age and the constant desire and search to situate oneself in a past time. My favourite part was a scene in a Parisian bar, in which Josephine Baker is performing, it was simply mesmerizing. I found the film surprising and surreal, but delightful.

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